Friday, May 27, 2005

weekend assignment


Weekend Assignment #61: What is the most ridiculous name you've ever given a pet?.I have a 70 pound mean-looking sort of Chowbrador that showed up at our house when Caitlin was in kindergarten & won't let daddies of her friends come in the yard to get their children today.

Her name (snarl) is Butterfly!

She will let the tiniest kitten or curious toddler pull her ears & crawl all over her,but no man except my husband comes in our yard.

when I am coming outside to get her by the collar so the pizza guy can get out of his car, it is funny to see their faces when I call her name!


gaboatman said...

What a great pet!  I love the name.  Your dog reminds me of the dog I grew up with.  His name was Buttons.

cneinhorn said...

Butterfly! LOL  that's great!


jtuwliens said...

...aawwwww...  This is so cute!  A Chowbrador named Butterfly!!!!!  (THUD)  I just fell off my chair laughing!

lurkynat said...

I like the idea of naming a kitty butterfly...shows originality! cute comments too