Tuesday, May 3, 2005

girl scout Banquet

 Saturday I spent a lovely rainy day trying to put pictures in this journal,but I was not able to master this feat.

So,picture this in your mind.

It's the annual Girl scout Banquet. The little girls are all flushed & excited. My Cadettes are trying to alternate between blase and frantic over their preparations.They are in charge of door prizes. What they are actually doing is trying to talk people who have won door prizes into donate their prize to them. Little criminals!

In bounds Tony with his mom & little sis. I taught Tony from 1st grade until 5th. He is in 7th grade now.Tony was adopted from Paraguay when he ws 2 years old. He weighed 16 pounds. He is about 4 feet tall & skinny as a rail. He has and IQ of about 70.He is so hyperactive, I promise I have literally seen him climb a cinder block wall (not real high,but still)He is also the kindest person I have ever known. If any of my kids had to go to time-out,Tony would sit with them. His parents are more well-off financially than most of my kids' parents and Tony brought lemonade for everybody. If anyone didn't have ice cream money, Tony wouldn't eat his in front of them.

He ran into my arms and got in my lap. "I wish I was still in your class," he said. He took all the papers out of my purse to show me how well he could read.then he went to his table,got his plate & moved Caitlin's stuff over,saying"I used to always sit by you at lunch, remember?"Caitlin took it in stride,she  went to school with Tony.They are the same chronological age.It was so good to see him again

I was in charge of announcements. At the end,the head of the Service Unit said,"you forgot one" and gave me The Outstanding Leader Award. This is such a hoot because we are the rebel troop, always pushing our limits.

As my girls get older,it is difficult for us to get together.They have so many hobbies & school keeps them busy.

But they all came up on stage & we put our arms around each other. I laughed, "It's just like when we were little - I mean when you were little"


You had it right the first time", Ava said.

I'm glad I'm still growing up.



all4eyez said...

isnt that the sweetest thing!!!
Oh wow - you have such wonderful life adventures -
I am SO envy of you!!
: )
And your story , of Tony
That totally brought tears to my eyes
What a great kid!!!
And it must make you SO happy to see how sweet he
is - knowing that you've had such a big part in his life!
P.s. - i wish i was in YOUR CLASS!!!

galadriel92000 said...

Im sure you are an outstanding leader...you can show kids the joy of living!!   I love the story of Tony....I've found that what mentally challenged  kids lacked in IQ...was made up for in an extra dose of the kind of innocent , joyous love for all  that you find in small children.....but is often lost as we grow up into cynical adulthood....
     since these "angels unaware" dont "grow up" they keep that innocent joy!!  
 MArie in TN

jmorancoyle said...

    From one former Ass't Girl Scout leader to an actual Leader - Congrats! Earning the love and bonding with a bunch of girls like that is a major accomplishment. And congrats about Tony, too. It shows what kind of teacher you are. Tony and all your students are very well off because of your work.