Thursday, April 21, 2005

best aunt ever

My sister in heart as well as in law is the best aunt ever.

 She is my age & has no biological children, but is stepmama to grown twin girls.

Every family should have one of these people...she knows everybody's birthday by heart (and in our family of 9 siblings, 39 grandkids & i forget how many great-grandkids,that is quite a feat) she comes & ASKS if she can babysit, seh brings toys whenever she comes to visit, the perfect aunt.

One day we were all sitting around & talk turned to what would happen to our kids if we met an untimely end"Why, we drew up papers with our lawyer, they go to Eileen"'"Really, we did too.How about you?"" well,we hadn't discussed it, but we just assumed Eileen would take them" 

The person to be honored by all this post mortem giving didn't say much about it until it was time to go. "Hell, no", she exclaimed (Eileen never curses) "All of you aren't riding in the same car!"


galadriel92000 said...

  I've enjoyed your Journal so much...I thought I might give it a try...its kind of fun..My first entry is posted.  I called my Journal
   A Fish Out of Water        if you would like to drop in and tell me what you think!  I hope I get a good grade!! LOL
              Marie in Tn  

alphawoman1 said...

And  a sense of humor too!  The perfect Aunt.

ladyish28 said...

I am so blessed to be an "Auntie", and I hope one day my niece and nephew will think I am the best- what a compliment! ~Kori

all4eyez said...

She sounds like a very wonderful person
to have in your life!
: D