Monday, April 25, 2005

What a great weekend we had! Friday night, Ava & Megan & Stormy came to visit. They are Girl Scouts form my troop. We have been together since they were in kindergarten. We have spent many nights huddled up in tents telling stories to keep theboogey man away.Now that they have become teenagers I am so much a part of their lives that they forget I am part of the grownup world. Somehow because of our long association, I am exempt from the bored tolerance they extend to most adults.I feel much more akin to them than I do to a lot of people my age. They,like me , are still excited about the world.
I had planned on taking them to the beach on Saturday, but my BIL & SIL were going camping,so I talked them into going along. (I explained to them once that since they were older, they would be responsible for the meetings, money, etc & one of them said,"well, what is your function?"I am the one with a driver's license!)
Tom went up Friday night, but we waited for Ava & played poker for pennies.
We got up early Saturday morning to go. The girls were packedfor a beach trip, so I threw all the blankets, jackets, pillows& shoes I could find into the trunk & off we went.
A word about David & Judy: They got married at 17 & 18.She was pregnant, the families were not pleased. They didnt'; have jobs.Three children later, he had a stroke. An accomplished musician, he can only strum his guitar now. A talented artist, he taught himself to draw with this left hand.They lost their house & all their possesions in Hurricane Ivan. They live on her pay she gets form running a booth at a tourist attraction selling homemade herbal remedies and his disability check.They are the happiest people I know.
They are very clsoe to their kids & gradkids, they get together & all sing & play some kind of musical instrument. They love in their family is so strong you can see it,an actual physical presence
So, the campers are Judy & David,their son Kelley, his girlfriend Cathy, his daughter Lily who is 2, me & my entourage, Tom & our nervous cocker spaniel , Penny.
After a long trip in the car filled with Blink 182 and shrill laughter,we arrived at Blakely.Of course we got lost, it si a huge park & the map is laughable.But what a beautiful spot to be lost in!Everything the new green of spring...sunlight sparkling on the trees, wild violets peeking out of the grass...
We hiked, ate, ran up & down hills, ate,played guitars, drank, laughed and basked in our love of each other.
I am so thankful for this family I have found. I wandered around looking for the place I belonged in my younger years. Through happy chance & careful cultivation, I have found my home.


all4eyez said...

what a very nice story you have told right here
its wonderful to have such great , loving people in your life!!
: )

alphawoman1 said...

Sounds like a blast with so many wonderful people...yourself included.

jmorancoyle said...

    You're making me want to pack up all my crap and head for the nearest campground. This old Girl Scout and Girl Scout leader just loves camping.

trishaham said...

I think it is great how the "girls" include you in their talks. My niece's do the same thing, And I don't take that privilege lightly. I know how unual it is to have teens talk to you as if you are their "Friend" when you are 45, like I am. Whats even nicer is now their friends are calling me Auntie and wanting to come stay at my house. I Love it. Or as the kids say "I'm lovin it" I count any time spent with them as a blessing.

Have a wonderful week.
God Bless.

galadriel92000 said...

Sounds like a great weekend....I remember Girl Scout campouts as a kid....lot of fun...dont take to  camping much idea of roughing it  these days means the cable is out at the Holiday Inn!
  The peopel you name..David and Judy....are fromFL?   Got hit by one of the hurricanes this summer?
     I was down there at Panama City Beach for Bonny...had a beach front view when she came ashore(she was just a tropical storm...great wave and lightning show!! ) She only had a 5 ft. storm surge...and the hotel was 10 ft about sea level....If it had been her big brother Charley down state...Id have packed up and gone home...he packed a bit more punch!
   how is your toothache?  Hope you are feeling Better.
           MArie in TN