Tuesday, April 12, 2005

singing and spelling

Those of you who read my journal regularly will know that I moved to a new school this year, one where things are a little more “by the book”. Being a tad unconventional in my methods, I stick out like a feminist at the Republican National Convention


I told my kids if they all passed their spelling tests, I would stand on the playground & sing the “Doxology” (Praise God from whom all blessings flow…for those of you without the benefit of my church-going upbringing)

Well, they did & I did

with gusto


People look at me weird & kinda duck their heads when I say “good morning


sk8ergirl1191 said...

Thats awesome. Wish I had a teacher like that. :)

joolsinwa said...

LOL you get the gold  star for keeping your word! funny story!

rrveh1 said...

Super - amazing to sing the
"Doxology" on school playground!
Always love that "singing and spelling!!!"
No doubt, your students will remember this one! :)
Unique to say the least-Thanks for sharing! _rRose

ladyish28 said...

It shows the value of keeping to your word and I am sure your students will remeber the value of the story as well as the humor!

galadriel92000 said...

ROTFL   YOU GO GIRL!!   And next time tell them you will sing "The Lion Sleeps Tonight"....and let them join in on the "aweeemaawekks"!!
  Why not?  If everyone already thinks you're crazy..why mess with a good thing!  You've got it made!!
    The greatest thing about being considered a little crazy...in a harmless sort of way, of course ....is you can have all sorts of fun...and get away with it!!!
 If there were more teachers like you...fewer kids would hate school!
     Marie in TN

sanforized6 said...

GREAT!!! We need more "unconventional" people in education!! rich

daleneentenmann said...

The world of children desperately needs more adults who keep their word! This is the first time to your journal and I admire you immediately for keeping yours. In addition, it is my long-held personal belief that singing is the language of angels...so for anyone who would look at you weird -- their loss, not yours. You have a sparkling spirit! perhaps they just need to buff up theirs a bit, ya think? Dalene of AHH at http://journals.aol.com/ahhliving/AHH