Saturday, April 9, 2005

An old entry recycled

the Menopause Song


The Menopause Song

 by Marti

I am suddenly sweating

While everyone’s’ cold                                              

And my buddies are betting                         

It’s just ‘cause I’m old


My friend who came

Every 28 days

It’s just not the same

Since she stays away


But I have a new partner

Who’s here when she’s not

And since I’ve met her

Good gracious, I’m hot


Mood swings, insomnia, lack of desire,

All these things I get

I think I’m on fire

I’ll finish this yet,

Turn that A.C. up higher!


My life’s going great

I’m getting all hairy

Meet my new playmate

It’s the Hormone Fairy!


But my life couldn’t be better

I don’t want it different

Let me get out of this sweater

At least I’m not pregnant!


pkguzik said...

What a joy to read, I laughed through it all.  Keep it up.  Would love to see more..

alphawoman1 said...

Loved it.  Very funny!

gabreaelinfo said...

Being that I just turned 40 in Feb. of this year I can relate :P .


justaname4me2 said...

Ok, so the question I have is this. Has anyone figured out how to avoid this whole process yet? Because I've finally gotten things under control a bit <I'm 32 now> and really would like to keep it this way for a long time! The injustice sometimes in life!

conwaycaine said...

Have a feeling I am kind of a male version of your blog.

kajhns7 said...

Been there, done that. This song
can be song by me loudly and
proudly, because I'm still here!

trishaham said...

This is the cutest! I know so many woman who would get the biggest kick out of this song. I'm glad that you were a editors pick, You certainly deserve it from what I have sampled. I will be back.

God Bless.

flgal1000 said...

She is feeling very adolescent again....moody, running hot and cold,
looking at herself in the mirror, but not recognizing the image staring back
she is quite different now, amid her closet from small to large,
wondering if all these years of dieting was worth it.
Missing my mother,almost being a child again deep in slumber, remembering a James Taylor song, " mom and dad were both still alive and it felt like Christmas morning..."
tears come quickly and leave even faster
wounds stay open
my friends heal them
sadness is everywhere, so is joy...
I wish I could return to NY, to Brooklyn, steal back my childhood and the comfort of radiators, soup and record players
I would love my brother this time,
not reqret his absence now, missing him
I would tell him not to smoke and die in midlife
I would tell Mom how much she meant to me

barbpinion said...

Loved this entry. Glad I stopped by. I wanted to congratulate you on making the
Editor's Pick list. I'll stop by again.
* Barb*

unkajed13 said...

I'M there my friend.  Thank you for adding some humor cause this sweattin and mood thing sure  ai'nt no rumor.

higard84 said...

I loved your poem i too am 48 and am going though the same thing ,hot flashes (ugh) but we;ll make it hopefully good luck .

lilac777lipgloss said...

I LOVE THIS ENTRY!!! VERY CREATIVE AND INSIGHTFUL.  I'm glad people have the guts to journal truths in their lives.  

Wondeful Journal  :)  Iris

mykesmom75 said...

That is too funny!! I know the feeling I'm going through all that.... Hope you have a great day... * Debbie*

fannneee said...

wow you go girl, I couldn't have said it better!

sortlakrids said...

I would leave a comment, but I am laughing too hard to type :)

esideheart said...

Oh my God, this is got me in stitches. I just have to pass this link along to my daughters and daughters-in-law... Thank you for the smile.

mommoms4g said...

I was so relieved to read your song.  Now I know that there are other people out there that are feeling the same way I do.  I try reaching out to other females my age to see if they are experiencing what symptoms I am, but I found that most women are reluctant to admit they are going through the change.  I find that very sad, since it is a major part of adulthood.  Thank you for expressing my feelings exactly.

saebu5 said...

i read your story and laughed!.   I'm 38, soon to be 39 and wish i was going thru menopause (not really).  I just had my 3rd child, he's 16 months old.  Just found out i'm pregnant again (12 weeks).  Not real happy about it, but that's life i guess.
Trying to deal with the reality of having 4 kids :  16 yrs-boy, 11 yrs- girl, 16 months-boy and 12 weeks pregant.  I married into 4 grown kids and have 4 grandkids w/twin boys on the way from 18 yr old daughter.  I could write a novel!
Do you have grown kids?  What age did you start menopause?
I guess i'm just trying to make the best of things.  This is my 1st unplanned pregnancy and it blew me away!  
Got my hands more than full.  


p.s. I noticed you last line was  " At lest I'm not pregnant!"