Wednesday, April 27, 2005

my interview

i was so excited to see that Rebecca, who has the wonderful journal In the shadow of the Iris, wants to interview me. The great thing about journaling is we get to feel famous!

Let me begin with a disclaimer...I am home from work with a toothache, waiting for my dentist appointment and have been up all night. I hope I dont' embarrass myself! Don't feel too much sympathy for me,though. I am really anesthesized on pain pills! 

In The Shadow Of The Iris
Comment from: sunnyside46
"oh, I wanna play!

Marti,     I'm so glad you decided to play along. I think this is a great way to get to know even more about people. So pull up a chair, imagine the green hue of an interview room, pretend I'm Barbara Walters and here we go.............<and please make sure and email me when your done so I can get over to your journal right away and see your answers> Have fun! Rebecca  


   1) A publisher has just handed you a million dollar advance to write a book. What direction would you go? Fiction, nonfiction, love story, mystery, sci-fi, chick lit, adventure, poetry, ok this list could go on and on.......... your sitting at your computer, blank page staring bold and white at you, what would you write to earn your million dollars?


 I think I would write a book pretty much like my journal. I love the tradition of telling stories on a porch late at night.That is the vibe I'm after here.


  2) You have 5 Mothers, of soon to be teenagers, all waiting patiently for your wisdom and advice. <Ok this includes me> What would you pass down to us to help us through these years of having teenage children? Advice, suggestions, wisdom, padded suits, HELP US. As the mother of a 23 year old daughter, that makes you a professional!!


 The best thing you can do for your daughters is to arrange life where you can say yes more than you have to say no.What I mean is, make sure you have lots of fun things you want them to do to take up their time so they have less opportunity to do things you'd rather not know about!

 The smartest thing I ever did was become a Girl Scout Leader. I started when my youngest daughter was in kindergarten & I became close with all her friends. Through Scouts, the same girls have stayed close through middle school & I know her peers & their parents. You get real close when you've spent nights lying in a tent listening to the rain for several trips! We have tihngs in common because we spent time together.

my girls always had to have a hobby.It didn't matter what ,but they had to have something going on.This gives them confidence & a concept of themselves as competent

. Don't sweat the small stuff. I wasn't thrilled with Mariah's pink hair, but I hellped her dye it & it became a memory to laugh over.

Be the house where all the kids hang out. You may have a mess to clean up, but you'll know where your kids are!

Enjoy your kids! I dont' know why people are thrilled when babies learn to walk & talk, then suddenly want them to stop growing when it comes time for driver's licenses & dates!

 Remember, even if they are going through a phase, if you have been close, you will be again. Just step back & breatheBe there when they come back

Tell them you will ALWAYS come & get them with no questions asked. My 23 yr old remembers this more fondly than anything I've ever told her.

Find something to like about their friends.Dont' make them choose between you,at this age, you'll lose.Discuss differences on a philosophical , rather than personal level.

 The best friend you'll ever have is your daughter!

     3) What do you want to do when you grow up? Ok, thats a silly question, but really, tell us something you're still dying to accomplish, a dream that is just at your fingertips, a quest still to be had...

.......Oh, wow...I want to be a park ranger, but then I would have to work during the summer!it would be cool to be a heavy equipment driver,too!

 4) They always say you get once chance to make a first impression. When people meet you, what kind of impression do you think they walk away with about you?

 It's important to me to be thought of as cheerful.

Life is too short to waste any of it .I try to think that every thing I do , I am trading a moment of my life for it & I want to make sure it's worth the deal.

I think I give the impression of being a ditz, which is not really true. It's just that I dont' feel you have to be stressed to be competent..

  5) I really liked this question Carly had asked in my interview so you get it too. If you were commissioned to create a painting that would best represent your life as a whole, what would it look like, what colors would it be, and to which museum would you allow to display it?

 hmmm, I would like it displayed in a children's museum.I would like to be painted in a field with my arms over my head , twirling....


so, if you want to be interviewd, leave me a comment & off we go!


karebear4x4 said...

Yes you should write that book.   You have great wisdom regarding children!  Enjoyed this and the previous entry.  How precious.!kbear

justaname4me2 said...

Great answers! I read your advice twice about children. That was priceless. That last question, I can imagine you twirling in the field. Thank you for letting us "in" you were a wonderful interview. I'm on my way to being the new Barbara Walters :o) The book you spoke of, is the perfect type to curl up on a warm summer night outside and enjoy some quiet time!
Take Care,

judithheartsong said...

these interviews are wonderful. judi

demandnlilchit said...

Most Excellent Answers!!!!! Ü

jtuwliens said...

Nicely done!

auntiemayme said...

Sage advice regarding your girls.  Loved your "twirling in a field" but maybe best of all was the "trading a moment of your life" for everything that you do.  That is BIG and something worth remembering by everyone.  Hope the pain pills helped you trade some toothache moments in the best possible way.  :-)  Margo

jbenjack said...

What great answers! I can only hope when I am as "Wise" as you I will give such amazing answers!! You are someone I would be proud to call friend!!!

ladyish28 said...

You seem to be a great mom! I look forward to the day that I become a mother! Sign me up for the interview! : ) ~Kori

galadriel92000 said...

Love your interview...hope the tooth is feeling better....or your feeling no pain...
    I like your idea of the painting.....I think I would paint an ocean...with a dolphin leaping into the air....who was experiencing ...if only for a moment.....what it was like to be free of the bounderies of her world.....and how it would feel to fly....
     Marie in Tn

swibirun said...

Great answers.  I think this is my first time to your journal but I liked it and have added it to my journal folder in my favorite site list.
Keep up the great work!

courtenaymphelan said...

thank you for visiting my journal

jmorancoyle said...

Interview me! I love your journal!

mjsluvnest said...

This is very creative and very fun to read. You can learn a lot about people this way whether they won't you to know the truth or not. The greatest thing about this form of interviewing someone is, they don't have to think of something in a hurry to spat off knowing that everyone'e eyes are on them and the answer better be one that does'nt make you seem remotely "Idiot" material. This way you can think about it then give your answer. How cool is that!!!