Sunday, April 17, 2005

letter from my pastor

  Happy Life Dear Ones,   I think of all the little stories about the importance of attitude; viewing the glass as half full or half empty; choosing each day to be happy instead on sad; making lemonade out of lemons (better yet, a lemon ice-box pie. Yum)  Etc. Etc. Etc.   In this dimension, no two things can occupy the same space at the same time. In the New Testament letter of James, he states that it has to be one way or the other.  One cannot draw both bitter water and sweet water from the same well.  Yet he tells us that we somehow have confused that orderly progression of events.  We use the same mouth to both bless and curse.   What proceeds from the mouth is so powerful in giving birth to thoughts and ideas.  A small piece of kindling starts large fires; a small rudder steers great ships. And a little member, the tongue, can do mighty things.   People often wonder why it is that they pray and make affirmations, and continue to reap negative, unwanted results.  Perhaps it is because they "pray amiss."  There is a principle that must be evoked in what Emmet Fox termed, "Scientific Prayer."    Jesus summed it up well when he said that whatever one prays and asks for, one must believe that one receives it.  Then one shall have it.  Emmet Fox more or less said the same thing.  So did James.  So do all teachers of metaphysics.  The magic is in the spoken word wed to the energy of acceptance and belief.   Often I know of something that one is wrestling with in this life - and it is not difficult to ascertain why that is. One need only listen to the speech; observe the attitudes.   Jacob wrestled with an angel until daybreak.  He knew that his problem contained a gift for him, and he said:  "I will not let thee go unless thou bless me!"  How often are we cursing the situation (and adding to the fire) instead of blessing it, and expecting a blessing.   Problems come concealing great gifts.  The outer wrapping is removed by centering oneself in the awareness of the Presence of God, making Truth -oriented statements, feeling "as if" it has already occurred, and then letting it go for God to bring forth in Divine Timing.  And to accept it with an attitude of thanksgiving.   Highest good is manifested this way.   Yes, there can be blockages to this magical process,  We can negate the good that longs to express in our lives by believing in "bad stuff."  When one believes in doom and gloom, one usually talks about it - incessantly  - to anyone who will listen. One prepares the way, and karmic law swings into effect.  One sows the seed of negation by belief, visualization, 5th chakra energy (the power of the word)  (also known as hoof and mouth disease) (sticking foot into mouth) and then powerfully expressing with an expletive deletive. (curse word).   Let's face it folks; we create our own reality (experience) on this earth.  What we believe (not hope for), we receive.  What we expect, we receive.  What we prepare for, we receive.   Do you begin to see how your situation may have occurred?   The good news is that the same process that created your problem can re-create it.  Hard work?  Sometimes.  One has to watch (catch) one's thoughts, one's words, and one's deeds.  One has to be sure that one is planting desired plants in one's garden.  Weeds grow easily, fast, and often strong.   But, it is amazing how beautiful life can be when we accept beauty into our hearts.   Smokey The Bear used to say, "Only YOU can prevent forest fires."    Only YOU can choose love, peace, harmony, and health as the major thrust of YOUR energy.   Doggone if this stuff doesn't work.  Truth always works, when you work it!   Love,   Carolyn

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karebear4x4 said...

Your Pastor is absolutely right!   I love this entry!   I agree with her wholeheartedly despite my own cursing at times.   But my cursing is really only me cursing my self and i know this!   Although i'm known to my friends for not cursing, i do have my moments.  Yet i believe in the power of our thoughts and do my best to live peacefully, happily, harmoniously with all life.  Compassion and forgiveness go a long way too!   thanks for this entry from your pastor.  God bless you!~kbear