Tuesday, April 12, 2005


The setting for this story is my beloved old portable classroom. When they built on to my school, everyone was so delighted to finally be rid of the ugly things. Not me! I loved mine because it had a bathroom attached where you could talk to the children through the door while you tried to accomplish personal business, just like at home. I refused to move for a while, but one day I realized it was truly time to go.

This particular portable building had seen better days. The door handle was stripped & sometimes we would get stuck inside. This was no problem, since one of my older boys would just jump out the window & open it from the outside. It didn’t happen often & was a welcome diversion.

On this particular day, my designated window jumper was absent, so I was sitting in the window debating on whether I would be safer jumping out barefooted or in my shoes, which had a small heel on them that day.

While I was mulling the situation over, the entire window, with me stuck in the frame, fell out onto my desk. There I was on my back, on top of my desk, with the window frame stuck on the back of my neck & my thighs, which were up in the air!

you might say I was framed...sorry ...I had to ...


One of the construction workers came & got me loose. He enjoyed it immensely!

I decided I probably did need a new classroom after all, which was a good thing, because after I moved out, a tornado blew my dear old portable away. (at might, no kids inside & no witches underneath)


jbenjack said...

I am new to this journal but love the stories!! Very funny!!

jbenjack said...

my link if your interested!

rrveh1 said...

Congratulations!!! I am so far away J-Land travels,
just noticed you are among this week's lovely group!
Enjoy your spotlight-most deserving! Funny story!!! :)

all4eyez said...

oh ,  so funny (LOL)
im sorry to hear that you had gotten stuck though
but i have to laugh
Poor Marti!

demandnlilchit said...

Being always the shortest kid ANYWHERE I was always tossed through windows to unlock doors, landed on quite a few odd things if I remember correctly! lol

sanforized6 said...

One can easily get "stuck" on your story telling!! rich

flgal1000 said...

I understand the attachment to buildings, and although illogical in itself, we often remember the environments within their walls  They can swiftly bring us backward in time, propelling us 20 years or more, in a matter of seconds.
So it was with the house in Brookyn.  I opened the door, for the first time in 20 years, smelling the musty odor of old furniture, untouched dresser drawers, unvacuumed carpet. The window in the den had a small hole which allowed the cold winter air to flow inside, without invitation.  The heat was off, and vapor poured from the mouth of both my son and myself.  He had no recollection of his grandparent's home, but as tears came to my eyes, my heart recognized what could not be put into words. The sights and smells of my youth, rushed towards me without warning.  The china closet where Mom placed her beloved Meakin China, was now a dusty shelf with the few pieces that remained behind. Examining each piece, I could hear the distant laughter of her friends invited for afternoon coffee, and the mutterings of women playing Mah Jongg in the front room.  My son's eyes fixated on what could be collectible. How could I explain that I needed to take this home, in its entirety, back to Florida, where we have made our home since his third birthday.
I took picture of each room, and still have not had them developed. ( yes digitals do exist, but in keeping with the historical, I chose a disposable camera.) I cannot bear to see their images once again. It may be years before I can feel this particular brand of emotion without being among close friends who understand the impact of old buildings.

jen73169 said...

I MISS my old portable too. No one bothered to hike all the way out there unless it was MAJORLY important so my class disruptions were cut WAY down!

judithheartsong said...

oh does that make a mental picture.... thanks for telling the story!!!! judi

gabreaelinfo said...

Really cute story. Short & Sweet.

pcbwritelife said...

Welcome to the real life world of an actual winnie the pooh experience
remember the time when pooh got stuck in a rabbit hole.