Friday, April 8, 2005

what a day!

What a day!

I got a new car!

well, new to is an 02 Honda Accord!

To let you know what a momentous occasion this is,let me give you my car history. I have been driving an Oldsmobile Cutlass Ciera since my last car caught fire (that's another great story)It is a car with personality.The passenger side window quit working, so Tom ,who has been christened "Ghettotom, the Superhero of the Half-fixed" by Mariah, rigged it up with plexiglass. You can hardly tell the difference & if you want to roll the window down,you just punch it, pick the window up off of the road and ,with what dignity you can muster, put it in the back seat.

The driver's side door works great too.You just roll down the window (this one still works) stick your arm out & use the outside handle or climb out the passenger side door.

Now the car before that was an Olds Delta 88 given to us by Tom's parents when we totaled our Dodge Spirit (antoher great story) We were camping out and had decided to stay for another day when someone ran into the camp store and screamed"there's a car on fire in the parking lot."As you can tell , I am accustomed to car problems & calmly raised my hand , "that would be me"

I requested a fire extinguisher & everyone stared at me blankly.Realizing I was dealing with rather slow folks, I enunciated in my best teacher fashion"My car is on fire in the parking lot. We all may die. I need a fire extinguisher!"

I camp a lot & always felt park rangers were guardian angels. I was real disappointed when they continued to stare at me blankly. Finally someone in an RV brought me the desired item. Tom & I stood by the blazing auto, reading the instructions, then put out our car.

Now the Spirit. It was totaled by someone running into the back of us.Mariah was driving and it turned into metalmush when an old econoline van ran into us. We weren't hurt,so it was a good day.

The car before that was known as trhe Narcoticar because every time Mariah got into it ,she fell asleep. The back seat of that Buick LeSabre was blue plush & looked like an expensive coffin.This was perhaps a bad sign , because when she first got her license & she went to the store (by the long route) that giant 10 foot long hood was her undoing when another teenager ran into her.Another blessing , they were both okay,but the car was a lost cause. After both these adventures, Mariah didn't drive for years!

Then there was the Mazda. I ran into Tom's work one day & gasped"you've got to help me. The AC quit working." I have always been pretty tough, so it hurt my pride when one of Tom's co-workers commented"your wife is used to comfort ,huh?"

No, it was July in Alabama & none of the windows rolled down in that car! The kids were semi-concious!

So , you get the idea of my car curse. I have the feeling it was something like Snow White. Remember when all  the fairies gave her gifts & one was bad & said she would prick her finger & die?

Well, I think I have been blessed with love & friends & a wonderful life , but I have never had a car with all the accoutrements that worked for any lenght of time.

So, when we got the car, Caitlin was delighted because it had a CD player & Mariah was almost tearfully thankful that it had hubcaps!

Today also marked the second year anniversay of Caitlin's braces...did my horoscope say this was the day of shiny metal objects that cost lots of money?



justaname4me2 said...

Even better then Editors pick. Congrats on your new car. A very nice car I might add. Hopefully this one brings you lots of enjoyable driving memories :o)

skins414 said...

hope this car lasts longer than the made me smile today!!! keep writing and good luck!

jen73169 said...

I can just picture the burning car in the backround as you use your "teacher voice" to repeat the question s-l-o-w-l-y. LOL!!